Give Boys Volleyball A Dig — My Opinion

My opinion by Daniel Smolyansky

Daniel Smolyansky

Girls’ volleyball is one of the most important fall sports in any school, and for Seton Catholic it is no different.

But competitive volleyball shouldn’t be limited to only girls. Seton should have a boys’ team. After all, boys’ volleyball is gaining a foothold in the Pacific Northwest, in clubs and colleges. Clubs like AJAX, Aardwolf, Excel, the Aces, and even Air Attack in Canada have boys’ volleyball teams in the region. In Europe, volleyball is mainly a men’s sport.

Many colleges in California offer men’s volleyball scholarships. In fact, the sport is such a rarity that it is very common to get a men’s volleyball scholarship! The University of California-Los Angeles, Pennsylvania State, University of Hawaii at Manoa and many others offer men’s volleyball scholarships.

A boys’ volleyball team would be a great addition to the boys’ sports program.

“I think that it would be a great idea to have a boys’ volleyball team at Seton!” said Mrs. Erin Dirksen, the head of campus ministry at Seton.

From my personal experience, volleyball is an extremely fun sport! It got me in shape fast, and even improved my timing and hand-eye coordination immensely!

Mr. Phil Kent, Seton’s athletic director, said, “Unfortunately, Washington Interscholastic Activities Association doesn’t have boys’ volleyball as a registered sport. That means that there are no other boys’ volleyball teams in Washington.”

But Mr. Kent said he thinks a boys’ team would be a great club, like Fishing Club or Mock Trial.  But he said it is unlikely that it will become a school sport in the near future.

He also said that it would be a good idea to have boys’ volleyball as a intra-school sport, like PowderPuff Football.