Snow dumps in the Cascades

It’s time to hit the slopes again.


David Carrion, staff writer

David Carrión, Staff writer

As the weather changes here in Vancouver/Portland area, many are getting excited for the upcoming ski season. 


With a plethora of ski resorts in the Pacific Northwest including Stevens Pass, Crystal Mountain, White Pass, Mt. Hood, Mt. Bachelor, skiing and snowboarding is a great way to enjoy the winter weather. 


Though it can be quite expensive at times, you can go up with friends and family and enjoy the mountain’s landscape making it a fun, worthwhile trip! 


Here are a few specifics:


White Pass Lift Tickets – White Pass is a resort on the south slopes of Mt. Rainer 

Adult (ages 17 – 72) →Full Day $69 reload / $73 initial visit, Half-Day $53 

Junior (ages 9 – 16)→Full Day $48 reload / $52 initial visit, Half-Day $39


Timberline Lift Tickets

Adult (ages 13 and over) →Regular $92, Low $72, High $79

Junior (ages 9 – 16)→Regular $72, Low $52, High $55


There is a ski bus that Seton students will be able to join this coming January. It is a great way to get some time on the mountain with school friends. Check with Mr. Chase about signup information. When signing up for the ski bus, there are many different package options to choose, ranging from rentals and lift ticket to ski or snowboard lessons. There is a package for everyone! 


The ski bus gives high schoolers the opportunity to learn how to ski or snowboard even if they never learned when they were younger. It is a recreation that can be enjoyable for those who love the outdoors and it is one to be taken advantage of when the opportunity is presented. 


Seton Catholic student Connor Coffey said, “Ski bus was my first time skiing and I have become pretty experienced because of it. I definitely would say I now have a deep passion for the activity.” 


My sophomore year I decided to learn how to snowboard after eight years of skiing. I was able to use the ski bus to get in some more hours on the slopes with some friends up at Mt. Hood Meadows and it was a blast.


I also have spent a lot of time up at White Pass, a smaller mountain resort South of Mt. Rainer with some great terrain to explore. I find it even more enjoyable since the lines are nothing like the ones at Mt. Hood. 


With the beautiful landscape and memorable times with friends and family, skiing or snowboarding is an activity that everyone should try at least once. If you have a hard time enjoying winter in the PNW this could even boost your spirits, so try it out!