All that glitters

A recap of Seton’s 2020 Winter Formal


Bronwyn McGovern, Staff writer

Seton Catholic was bedazzled in an “All That Glitters” theme on the night of February 1st for the school’s Winter Formal dance.

The long winter break, followed by stressful exams, made the winter formal a highly anticipated escape. From the giddy girls selecting their dresses, and boys awkwardly asking girls to be their date, the excitement culminated into a wonderful atmosphere. 

The build up to the dance did not come without a substantial amount of effort from our leadership team late into the night on Friday, even after attending the Holy War basketball games. “Set up was so much fun,” senior Jerrica Pachl said. “After three exciting games we were all excited. We had everything pre cut and all we had to do was put it up. Music and teamwork made the time go by fast!” Jerrica humbly summarized the countless hours it took that the leadership team committed to transforming the commons into a whimsical, magical environment, encapsulating the theme, “All That Glitters”.

Upon entering the newly transformed commons, the pulsing beat of  “Hips Don’t Lie” by Shakira could be heard all throughout. Jadon Ephraim, an alumnus of Seton Catholic, was the DJ for the dance. He played songs ranging from “Timber” by Ke$ha and Pitbull to a clean version of “The Box ” by rapper Roddy Rich. Jadon’s sister Michaela Ephraim, a senior at Seton, spoke highly of the dance. “The energy was high, the decorations were super cute, and overall it was a very fun dance,” Michaela said. All who went danced and enjoyed the night, immersing themselves into the lively environment. 

Junior Lauren Naughton stated perfectly what many who attended were thinking. “If I’m being honest, I thought winter formal this year was one of the best,” Lauren said. “The decorations were super nice and leadership was organized and efficient at setting up.” The 2020 Winter Formal dance was a complete success, creating much anticipation and high expectations for many dances to come.