Catholic Schools Week at Seton High

Daniel Smolyansky

Catholic Schools Week is a week of celebration and recognition. It is a week of getting “spiritually closer to God,” says Maddie Chase, a freshman. Whether you are of Catholic faith or any other faith, this whole week and this week’s mass is centered around our community.

Speaking of our community, there are many different ways we celebrate, such as dressing up to a certain theme. 

On Monday, students wore any type of clothing that is related to service, such as a Camp Attitude shirt or an Earth Day 2019 Tree Planting shirt. 

On Tuesday, it was teacher appreciation day, so students dressed up as a teacher. 

Wednesday was Mass dress, to celebrate our community. 

Thursday was a theme Seton students’ parents knew well: the 60s and 70s dress. 

Friday completes the circle, and as the Head of Campus Ministry, Mrs. Erin Dirksen says, “All students of Seton become much closer and learn much more about the community, Catholic or not. Catholic Schools Week gives us an opportunity to celebrate what makes Catholic schools unique in this country. It gives us the chance to celebrate the different people and parts of our community and helps make our Catholic schools flourish.”

Catholic Schools Week is meant to celebrate multiple schools, not just ours. For the first time since starting, Seton held the All-Schools Mass, which invited the communities of Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Joe’s, St. Rose, to join this mass, which happened on Monday, February 3rd.