Come join Seton’s Outdoors Club!

Come join Seton’s Outdoors Club!

David Carrión

Seton has started quite a few new clubs this year expanding on available activities for Seton, from a Seton Outdoors Club all the way to a Bowling Club. The Outdoors Club is an outlet for students to show their thoughtfulness with their surrounding environment. 

Though the activities have been fairly labor intensive, so far a bunch of Seton alumni have been participating in activities such as planting trees to improve the banks of the Salmon Creek watershed and pulling Scotch Broom, an invasive plant species, from the Camas lily fields. As part of the description of the club, “It is a great way to get outside and have a good time with friends, while at the same time, doing your part to help our local environment.”

Many people say that they are willing to set time aside to help the environment, but not all of those same people have been up to the challenge to plant a couple trees with us. Hopefully, many more people from our Seton Community will join the Outdoors Club for its future events. 

All the hours participating in the Outdoors Club can be added to the volunteering requirement needed by the end of the year since all the activities are volunteer work. 

Coming up, as the leader of the club, I hope to be able to plan a trip up near Mt. Hood to go snowshoeing. Unlike downhill skiing, snowshoeing doesn’t cost nearly as much money. All you need to get up on the slopes is about $15 and some warm clothes and you can wear to trek around in the powder. 

Upcoming events will include a garlic mustard pull on March 7th, and an elk habitat restoration on March 20th. 

The Outdoors Club is open to all Seton students and many hands make light work!