Seton Track & Field Throwers

Throwing rocks and other different implements has been occurring since the dawn of time. Whether it be for a fun recreational activity or for a true test of masculinity, people have been competing always competed in these events. The throwing program within track and field is expanding tenfold this year. As we finally have own track and field it will be easier for athletes to utilize their implements and throwing pits without having to travel to another school. The number of students committed the team is also larger than it ever has been in years past. With such a variety of upperclassmen and underclassmen it is not hard to foresee the success to come this year. The throwing team is spearheaded by coach Kasey Powers, who has implemented a new view and focus on weightlifting for his throwers. Coach Powers is also the line coach for Seton Catholics football team, so his program highly focuses on the explosion aspect of throwing. People believe that the strongest person out there will be the most successful on the team, however one of the most key points of throwing is form.The correct throwing form can take years to master.The throwers also work inside the gym on some days. They do their regular warm ups with the team, and then break off into their own group. They work with medicine balls ranging from 15-30 lbs. Just as their weightlifting program, the work with the medicine balls also helps them make advancements in the explosion aspect of their throws, which is a necessity. Some athletes to look out for; Myles McGovern, nearly setting the school record in shot put as a sophomore last year has very promising attributes. Aidan Kirby, during his first year as a sophomore threw the javelin over 100 feet and with his excellent form is an amazing assurance following the graduation of Nick Lamberton last year who currently holds the school record. Finally, Katherine Zdunich, new to the throwing program at Seton this year, has shown true commitment and advancements in the weight room this year and will prove to be a force to be reckoned within the pits this year. Along with an entirely new field and pits, the throwers have also been graced with brand new implements for their own use. New shot puts, discus, and javelin will help our throwers succeed in ways we’ve never seen before. Last year, Seton Catholic sent 5 throwers to the league tournament held in Stevenson, where 3 school records were broken in the shot put, discus, and javelin by Ricky Torres and Nick Lamberton. After she was asked about her thoughts on the throwing program at Seton, Katherine Zdunich said that, “The team is very open and accepting, especially within the throwers ring. The coaches are also very nice and always there to help when we need it”. This looks to be an amazing year for the 2018 Seton Catholic throwing squad, with promising athletes, an exquisite coaching staff, and the desire to be successful.

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