What Is A God Moment

Elizabeth Hennessey, Chief of newspaper, writer

At Seton Catholic High School the term God moment is thrown around a lot, teachers and students alike use it to describe an experience or an action of their fellow man, but has anyone ever really defined a God moment?
The answer is, and should be, no. God moments cannot be defined. They look and feel different to every human, because every single person in this world has a unique relationship with God and see Him act in different mediums.
Personally, I define God moments as times in my life where I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit with me, or have an experience that signals to me that something larger is at work in my life or the lives of people around me. When asked, other members of our community defined God moments as “unexplainable moments that impact the way you see the world,” “when something you have been praying or thinking about happens in your life,” “a moment that was meant to happen and fate intended you to be a part of,” “moments when I know God purposely wanted me to recognize him,” “the moments in my life when previous doubts have been said but then there’s something that randomly connects you to things you’ve never seen or heard.”
For some, nature is God’s greatest expression of himself and they experience God moments through the blazing curry and lavender sunsets over the tranquil Columbia River. I remember distinctly my freshman year of Theology having a teacher come into my class during a lecture and show my teacher a picture on his phone. No words, just a picture. My theology teacher turned to the teacher, looked him straight in the eye and said, “that right there is a God moment.” I did not understand what was happening until later I was shown the picture of a soft pink and lavender sky above a few trees. I recognized its beauty but found no particular point of interest, and then the teacher told me upon first glance he had thought the same thing, but his young daughter had shown him that in the center of the painted horizon a small group of clouds had formed the distinct shape of a cross. As the teacher spoke his facial expression emanated awe and admiration for his daughter. Not only had this realization been a God moment for him, it had became a God moment for me as well. When a person shares their God moment it is like dropping a pebble into a lake, the ripples move outward affecting everything in the wake. His God moment was parically the awe of the sky and the phenomena of the cloud cross, but it was also his pride in his daughter who was able to notice what he had been oblivious to and bring it to the attention of those who were around her. They shared a God moment, and as he told me the story, we shared a God moment because that teacher was passing on the wonder he had felt and the faith he held through a story that consisted of only a few minutes of his day.
All these definitions are different, but the one thing they have in common is the recognition that God specifically meant to be a part of that moment in our lifetime. With these definitions in mind, it is worth taking a moment every day to recognize a God moment, because every day has thousands. The first deep breathe in the morning, the smile of your friend in the hall, to the warm dinner you sit down to eat at night with your family, these are the moments to cherish. God is working in us everyday to build a loving community, so let’s give Him a hand by distinguishing His actions in ourselves and one another day by day.