The Urusei Yatsura Secret

Eugene Vidales, Writer

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Alex Gonzales’ Senior project play is based off the 1980’s  anime “Urusei Yatsura”.

Alex Gonzales, instructing Kendra Brislawn (left) and Eugene Vidales (right) practicing a scene.

Every senior must create a service project that benefits the community. Alex Gonzalez got creative with his service by writing an entire play for the drama club to use in their 2nd Spring production. After accepting a quick interview, Mr. Gonzalez made it clear he wasn’t going to spoil any secrets about the play. “I don’t wanna give out details about the play cause that’s not fun,” said Mr Gonzalez.

He did give some useful information that he was sure wouldn’t ruin the surprise of the play. Claiming this performance is going to be easygoing and for everyone, he says it’ll be different from typical Seton productions since it was written by a student. With rehearsals drawing near, Mr. Gonzalez stated that it was important for him not to corner his actors into a persona by describing the characters. While creating his own content, Mr. Gonzalez was inspired from one of his favorite animes, Urusei Yatsura.

Urusei Yatsura is an older anime originally airing in the 1980s. The anime follows a young guy named Ataru as he stops an Earth invasion through a alien form of the game tag. He descends into a love triangle with two girls, struggling to disentangle the nonsense. Scoring a 7.5/10 on IMDb, it’s a good show to binge for an anime fan. Not knowing how closely Mr. Gonzalez’s show will resemble the anime, you may want to avoid potential spoilers and watch the play first. If you are ready for a new Seton drama experience, stay tuned for more news on the play.