The Pressure of Having Good Grades

Calley West, Writer

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Why does having good grades have such an effect on a student’s future? It seems like a student will only be happy and confident in themself if they have good grades. Attending high school in the twenty-first century, it is evident that students are highly encouraged to spend quality time on homework and studying in order to have a successful future. If a student’s grandparent or family member calls on the phone, at some point in the conversation, they ask questions such as, “How is school going? What do your grades look like?”. Obviously, no teenager wants to be a failure which means they tell their family members they are doing well in school or they feel the burden to lie about doing well in school. Not only are good grades expected from family members, but it is a requirement to be involved in clubs and sports. If a student is involved in extracurriculars they must have a GPA higher than a 2.5.

What is the impact of getting straight A’s?
Studying for exams and completing projects is not an easy task. A lot of students suffer from stress while attempting to get good grades. According to Alexandra Ossola, “49 percent of students reported feeling ‘a great deal of stress’ on a daily basis. Half reported doing three or more hours of homework per night, and 26 percent noted that they had been diagnosed with depression—over four times the national average of 6 percent”. Although working for good grades can be tedious, it is rewarding when you receive a test back with an “A+” on the top of the paper. A large amount of students from Seton Catholic have sacrificed their social life in order to prepare for exams such as AP United States history. First, studying for exams is extremely stressful with many thoughts and doubts going through your mind. Secondly, giving up time with friends may cause students to feel lonely and depressed because they feel unappreciated or unworthy. Having good grades is a lot for a student to cope with especially with the struggles of being in high school, their body changing with crazy hormones controlling their emotions and their parents nagging at them to clean their bedroom. On the other hand, it is worth taking a moment to recognize a handful of students set a standard for themself to have good grades. Some students may do this to meet the requirement for the college they want to attend, the career they want to pursue or simply to make their parents proud.
What is the impact of not getting straight A’s?

At school we are told we must have good grades in order to go to a good college. What if college isn’t for you? Are you still expected to have good grades? Well, of course in this day in age, it seems impossible to have a decent lifestyle without going to college unless you are Einstein. However, some students are forced by their parents to get good grades and to get into a good college. Being forced to have good grades can cause a student to cheat in order to get an “A” on their AP United States history exam. A student cheating on an exam causes a lot more effort then studying. Common methods students will try to use are searching the answers on their phones during the test or copying off a peer.

Personally, I put pressure on myself to have good grades for my own happiness and confidence. I am not nagged by my dad to turn in my Directed Reading, I set a goal for myself at the beginning of freshman year to graduate with a 4.0. An enormous reason I care about my grades is because my brother showed me “everything what not to do in high school”. My brother never did his homework or prepared for exams, which caused bad studying habits in college. As his little sister, I didn’t want to experience the struggle I watched him go through. In conclusion, getting good grades has it’s pros and cons with some students thriving to challenge themselves and others wanting to make their parents satisfied.