Dress Code Controversies

Amanda Fry, Writer

Many students harp on the dress code and it’s strict limitations to what we can wear. At Seton Catholic, school is seen as a professional atmosphere. What sets our school apart from others is simply the fact that we as students are put to a high standard in academics, beliefs, and maturity. The following dress code was put in place to ready us for our future jobs and teach us the importance of professionalism. Seton Catholic is a College prep school, but what it’s really preparing us for is not just college but our lives outside of school. With knowledge from trivial things in high school that we find so vexatious we learn important lessons that will follow us throughout our lifetime.

Considering the acceptance rate to college out of Seton Catholic, every person at our school will have good job to support them. When you go into interview for a job you would never wear ripped jeans and low cut shirts. Everyone knows that you should be wearing a dress or slacks and a nice shirt. In a professional atmosphere you should never show up to work in booty shorts and a crop top or sweatpants. If school is our job and its setting us up for the most important years of our lives why would we should up to school in anything less than what is expected of us? The dress code is put in place to not just stop boys and girls from what they want to wear but to teach us valuable lessons about professionalism and conservatism. After high school we will go onto college, most of us will probably buy a ripped pair of jeans or wear joggers to school. But when it comes down to the time when we need to interview for a job, or we have to have a wardrobe that is professional enough for work we will know what to do. In fact, it will be easier for the students that were exposed to a more strict dress code than others.

One of the well known teachers at Seton Catholic explained “You communicate your respect to the school, faculty members, and other students through how you dress. You communicate it through how you present yourself as well as your actions”. As Mr.Doucet said, we as the Seton community have to portray our professionalism through not only how we act but how we dress. Showing respect to our teachers and peers is very important to smoothly operate. It also diminishes the probability of girls and boys being objectified by what they choose to show and what they choose not to show. At the end of the day high school is only four short years. Spending them learning how to prepare for college and prepare for our lives after school comes with the small lessons of something trivial like the dress code.