Migos Strikes Again with “Culture II”

John Traffalis, Writer

If you are a hip hop enthusiast and looking for a new album to enjoy, “Culture II” by Migos is the one for you. “Culture II” features the sounds of hip hop and implementations of trap style music, the kind of music to pump you up. All of the songs in this album are great to listen to, but some have gotten more fame than others such as “Stir Fry,” “Narcos,” “Notice Me,” and “Motorsport.” These particular songs are all catchy and have a strong beat. They keep you interested and excited until the end of the song. Each song in this album has a different beat and different speeds although they often leave us with the same feeling. “Notice Me” is a slower paced song that combines the elements of a catchy tune and multiple speed changes in the vocals. Now the song “Motorsport” has a fast pace chorus with various artists rapping through the song. This creates the feeling of a pump up tune because the tempo is fast. Another hit song in this album is “Narcos,” this song is much like “Motorsport” because it is upbeat with no slow parts. The other hit “Stir Fry” is much like these two. The album overall is a hip hop pump up style of music.

“Culture II” was created by Migos, as well as featuring other artists in various songs. When another artist is included it brings more attention to that song, which is why their album has gotten so much attention. Also, when making an album an artist needs producers to make the beat. “Culture II” has two main producers, Quavo and DJ Durel. Some of the well known artists that helped with the making of the album such as Ty Dolla Sign, Travis Scott, Metro Boomin, Pharrell Williams, and Quavo, all bring more attention to these songs. When an album is released it usually comes out all at once, which draws people to rush to go listen to it. The single hits are “Stir Fry” and “Motorsport” which were both released in 2017. The advantage to releasing a song before the album comes out is that people hear the song and like it. This leads them to check out the rest of the album as soon as it is released. These songs act as a teaser almost like a movie trailer, they are there for the same purpose. Their purpose is to advertise and draw attention to the album coming out soon. That is exactly what these songs did for the “Culture II” album, as soon as it was released many people were listening to the new songs.

“Culture II” is an album that has propelled the hip hop world even farther into the future of music. This is a fantastic album filled with many great songs, that should be listened to. If you are looking for a trap and hip hop album, this is the one for you.