Weekly Mass at Seton Catholic

Katy Arredondo, Writer, Editor

Here at Seton Catholic, every Wednesday morning, students, faculty members and the occasional guests gather in the chapel to partake in mass. Each week, mass is administered by a different priest from one of the many Southwestern Washington parishes, giving our community a well rounded Catholic teaching. Our school chaplin, however, is Father Tom Belleque from St. John the Evangelist. Seton Catholic is the only high school in the south west deanery to participate in weekly mass. With this we are able to fully feel the presence of Christ. Under the direction of Ms. Duffy, students in campus ministry help set up beforehand, lector, provide music, take up gifts as well as administer communion. These students actively participate in mass through their service, however, they do not receive any service hours to help contribute to their required amount of service hours per year. It is with their hard work and dedication, as well as Ms. Duffy’s commitment to Seton Catholic, and the students, that we are able to come together as a school each week to celebrate the body and blood of Christ.

Along with strengthening our relationship with God we are also learning and practicing how to dress professionally within the business world. The dress code on Wednesdays for mass asks for a more competent dress for both males and females. Students are required to come to school dressed appropriately for mass days and are also required to stay in that attire for the remainder of the day. By dressing presentable we are being respectful and supporting the values of our school community. In the student handbook it states that boys are obligated to wear dress slacks, a tucked in buttoned up dress shirt with collar, polo shirt and/or sweater with the shirt remaining tucked in at all times. This excludes jeans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts, shorts are never allowed. On the other hand, girls are obligated to wear a modest dress, or a dress blouse/top with a skirt or dress slacks. This also excludes jeans, t-shirts, and sweatshirts and, once again shorts are never allowed.  In conclusion, weekly mass at Seton is not only a way to participate in a Catholic tradition, but also a way to learn how to dress in professional attire as well as come together as a school community.