A Seton Soccer Player on Her Way to Reginals

Bridget Kasch, Editor, and writer

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Not everyone may know, but we have a spectacular soccer player amongst us here at Seton who is on her way to Regionals; from there, if they win, they’ll be heading to Nationals! This talented student athlete is none other than Carlson Fields. She plays for the Washington Timbers, and her jersey number is 19.

    Carly says she started playing soccer “as soon as I could walk” in her living room with her dad. Her passion for the game and her willingness to work hard and put in the hours is what has gotten her this far. This determined individual has been on her current team for two years. In the future, Carly plans on pursuing college soccer and is already in contact with some coaches.

    As with all team sports, there are good teams, and bad ones. It is all about how connected you are with each other. Each talented individual must come together to work as one force in order to do well. Her team plays a possession style. This means they try to keep the ball as much as possible, even if it means not scoring as quickly. Carlson’s role on this team is usually as the left defender. During the championship game, Carlson made the assist for the final goal.

    One of Carly’s favorite quotes is “Somewhere behind the athlete you’ve become and the hours of practice and the coaches who have pushed you is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back… play for her.” ― Mia Hamm. This quote is important to her because it reminds her to always enjoy the game. In order to get where she is today, she had to put in hours upon hours of time and make sacrifices, all for her passion. After putting in all this work she needs to remember to keep the fun in the game. She says, “This quote reminds me why I play. I play soccer because I love it. I play soccer because I live for it. I play soccer because if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be Carlson Fields.” Soccer is a part of her. It has made her into the person she is today. She uses it to give her a break from the chaos of life; she can leave all that behind and enter a state of utter and total concentration the second she steps foot onto the field.

    One of her most memorable moments from soccer is when her team was in the State Cup finals last year; it was half time and the score was still 0-0. It was anyone’s game. Carly got out onto the field in the second half, foaming at the mouth and fire in her belly. Out of the corner of her eye she saw that their goalie was off her line. Making a split second decision she shot from 40 yards out. The ball sailed over the goalie and into the net. Her team roared around her. Everyone was feeding off of each others energy and this boost led Carly to do the same thing just three minutes later, another goal. In a matter of minutes the game went from a nail biter to a confident 2-0 lead. The game ended 3-0, a score that sent her team to her first ever Regionals. A year later, here they are again, heading to Regionals and ready to win.