Service opportunities abound

Christian Martin , Writer

Attention Seton Catholic Cougars! If you’re stressed about completing your service requirement, worry no more because this winter is full of opportunities to get those hours done.

    Students have so many chances to serve in the Seton community that your mindset will quickly shift from fulfilling the minimum requirement to achieving the red service cord at graduation for doing more than 200 service hours.

    Some service opportunities in the upcoming winter months including serving at Santa’s Posse in December, St. Vincent de Paul throughout the whole winter season, the Serra Dinner in January, and the Parish Appeal Talk in February.

    These are only the scheduled events. There are countless more opportunities within the Our Lady of Lourdes, St. Joe’s, and St. Rose parishes that can be done year round.

    Service and leadership coordinator Marie Lockwood explained that if Seton students “would just look at all of these opportunities, 20 and 30 hours a year would seem so much easier.” She went on to talk about how students often take the wrong focus when completing service hours, saying that not enough students think about giving back to their parish communities that have given so much to them.

    Opportunities this winter are plentiful, so take advantage of these chances!