Catholic Schools Week, What Exactly are we Celebrating?

Ellie Saunders, Writer

While color wars and spirit days are undoubtedly fun, the true meaning of Catholic Schools Week is often lost in the excitement of celebration. When we partake in Catholic Schools Week, we not only recognize Seton itself, but our families, parishes, and nation as well.

Like any other annual celebration, (see national earth day, national blood donor month, or even national waffle week) the purpose behind National Catholic Schools Week lies in its self explanatory name. Every year since 1974, the last week of January has been dedicated to the commemoration of Catholic schools across the nation through celebrations, masses, open houses, and more.

While it may seem an obscure celebration, Catholic Schools Week is recognized by nearly 1.9 million students currently educated in 6,429 Catholic schools around our country. Although Catholic Schools Week may never reach the magnitude of celebration experienced during Christmas or other popular holidays, its recognition spans far and wide.

Every community celebrates the week in a different way. In the wake of last week’s spirited celebration (including a “how well do you know your teachers” kahoot and lots of cookies,) it is evident that no two schools recognize Catholic Schools Week in the exact same way. While we are each unique in our commemoration, Catholic Schools Week allows us all to unite as a strong Catholic community.