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SC’s new volleyball coach: A harbinger of a great season

Koen Ross, Online Editor

August 13, 2019

Often, in high school sports, a coach can go underappreciated as an aspect of team success. However, at Seton Catholic, coaches step up to the challenge of bringing a team to its absolute best.   New head volleyball coach Kali Gesser is rea...


Christian Martin, Writer

December 14, 2018

Attention Seton Catholic Cougars! If you’re stressed about completing your service requirement, worry no more because this winter is full of opportunities to get those hours done.     Students have so many chances to serv...

Winter Depression

Ellie Saunders, Writer

November 24, 2018

Young adults in Southwest Washington have two strikes against them when it comes to mental health: the stress of being a teenager, and living in the Pacific Northwest— a winter depression hotspot. “I do think that teens are more susceptibl...

Help The Enviorment One Step at a Time

Jackie Ramsey, Writer, Editor

March 12, 2018

The Seton Community is about higher learning, deeper faith, and stronger character. These three values can be put to use in everyday life whether it is in your local community or worldwide. One place these values can be seen is...