A Happy New Years Resolutions to All

Rebecca Vu, Writer

December 12, 2018

Starting the New Year off with fresh resolutions are often. The tough part is keeping them. People make New Year’s resolutions for various reasons. They make them to get things done, give us purpose, keep us connected,...

Weekly Mass at Seton Catholic

Katy Arredondo, Writer, Editor

March 13, 2018

Here at Seton Catholic, every Wednesday morning, students, faculty members and the occasional guests gather in the chapel to partake in mass. Each week, mass is administered by a different priest from one of the many Southweste...


Aidan Kirby, Writer

March 13, 2018

In 1972, Atari introduced to the world a great milestone in technological advances, Pong. Pong was the first video game for the public and was extremely revolutional in its time. As time went on and technology advanced, the pu...

Migos Strikes Again with “Culture II”

John Traffalis, Writer

March 13, 2018

If you are a hip hop enthusiast and looking for a new album to enjoy, “Culture II” by Migos is the one for you. “Culture II” features the sounds of hip hop and implementations of trap style music, the kind of music to pum...

Dress Code Controversies

Amanda Fry, Writer

March 12, 2018

Many students harp on the dress code and it’s strict limitations to what we can wear. At Seton Catholic, school is seen as a professional atmosphere. What sets our school apart from others is simply the fact that we as students...

Help The Enviorment One Step at a Time

Jackie Ramsey, Writer, Editor

March 12, 2018

The Seton Community is about higher learning, deeper faith, and stronger character. These three values can be put to use in everyday life whether it is in your local community or worldwide. One place these values can be seen is...

The Pressure of Having Good Grades

Calley West, Writer

March 12, 2018

Why does having good grades have such an effect on a student's future? It seems like a student will only be happy and confident in themself if they have good grades. Attending high school in the twenty-first century, it is evident...

Cheering For The Cougars

Andrea Estrada, Writer

March 12, 2018

As winter comes to a close, the basketball season is coming to an end. The basketball season ended with the guys in third place and and were able to continue for a chance in playing for the state championship. Even when a game...

What Is A God Moment

Elizabeth Hennessey, Chief of newspaper, writer

March 12, 2018

At Seton Catholic High School the term God moment is thrown around a lot, teachers and students alike use it to describe an experience or an action of their fellow man, but has anyone ever really defined a God moment? The answer...

Getting to Know Ms. Duffy

Alysia King, Writer, editor

March 9, 2018

This past week, I had the amazing opportunity to sit down and get to know Seton Catholics wonderful Campus Minister and 10th grade theology teacher, Ms. Erin Duffy. As Campus Minister, she plans day retreats for Freshmen and Sophomores,...