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Into the Unknown

December 2, 2019

Open House Approaches

David Carrion, Staff writer

October 18, 2019

​Seton Catholic College Prep High School has its annual Open House from 1-4 p.m. Sunday and all families interested in a Catholic education for their teens and younger students are welcome. ​“The purpose of the Open House...

Winter Depression

Ellie Saunders, Writer

November 24, 2018

Young adults in Southwest Washington have two strikes against them when it comes to mental health: the stress of being a teenager, and living in the Pacific Northwest— a winter depression hotspot. “I do think that teens are more susceptibl...

Seton Track & Field Throwers

Bobby Voitik, Writer

March 12, 2018

Throwing rocks and other different implements has been occurring since the dawn of time. Whether it be for a fun recreational activity or for a true test of masculinity, people have been competing always competed in these events....